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The moment you heard footsteps and laughter approaching the door, you immediately shut off your music, ripped your earphones out of your ears, and hid your phone under your mattress. There was absolutely no way you could explain a phone without giving away anything. Hell, in this universe they didn't even have bicycles, let alone phones.

The door opened and the small room was filled with a bunch of teenage girls. A smile spread on your face as you recognized the people in the room. Sasha, Ymir, Krista, and- your smile faltered slightly as you saw the girl, black hair tied in low pigtails as always. Mina Carolina. Her death scene flashed before your eyes and you inwardly cringed, but managed to keep on your happy facade. Clearing your throat to get their attention, you stood up.

"Hi, um, my name's ___(y/n)___. Obviously, I just got here, and I kinda don't have any stuff," you laughed nervously before continuing, "so would any of you mind lending me something to wear? Just until I get my own things of course!"

They all looked at each other before starting to laugh, shaking their heads at you. "Shadis already told us about you, princess." Ymir smirked, cocking her hip to the side. "Princess?" You questioned, slightly confused. "Everyone's been calling you that ever since they heard about the attitude you gave Shadis. Hell, no one believed someone could be that stupid, that is until we saw your ass lying face down on the track." She snickered at you and you laughed as well, even though you were embarrassed beyond belief.

"As for clothing," Mina piped up, handing you a loose elbow length shirt and a maxi skirt, "you can borrow mine." Taking them from her, you grinned. "Thanks. I would hug you, but I reek." Grin never leaving your face, you grabbed the towel, bar of soap, and tiny bottle of what looked to be shampoo that Sasha was holding out towards you, a silent request for you to take a shower.

"Yeah, yeah. I get it. I'll see you later,” you rolled your eyes, taking the items from her. With that, you headed out the door, clothes and various toiletries in hand.

You headed to the showers, which you found in the same way you found the cabins. Hanging your towel on the hook provided and putting your borrowed clothes on a small shelf that jutted out from the wall, you began to strip. Putting your dirty clothes in a pile beside the clean ones, you stepped into the shower and closed the curtain.

For now, you were the only person in the bathroom. You were thankful for that, because just the thought of taking a shower with other people in the bathroom made you embarrassed and uncomfortable.

You had brought your underwear with you into the shower so that you could wash them. They were your only pair, after all. You would rather have a slightly damp bra and panties than dirty ones.

Turning on the water, you yelped as it sprayed over you. It was so cold. So cold. Thankfully, after 5 whole minutes of you just standing under the water, you got used to the temperature. Washing your underwear first so that they would be slightly dry when you got out of the shower, you wrung them out then hung them up on the pole where the shower curtain hung from. After, you actually started washing your body, scrubbing off every speck of dirt. You shampooed your hair, rinsed, and finally turned off the shower, shivering slightly at the cold air. Feeling around for your towel, you grabbed it and dried yourself off, changed your clothes, then put your hair up into one of those towel wraps.

"Ah. Much better." You sighed happily as you grabbed your dirty clothes and walked out of the bathroom. Your cabin was easier to find this time around. Opening the door, you saw all of the girls sitting in a circle on the floor. "Hey," you said nonchalantly, removing the towel from your hair and combing through your ___(h/c)___ locks with your fingers. They all said greetings towards, and Krista moved over a bit to make room for you in the circle. "We were just talking about everything that happened today," she told you. You nodded, and Sasha continued her story about how Connie managed to tangle himself up in his 3DMG during training. All of you laughed and took turns telling funny stories about random things that happened until lights out.

These three weeks were surely going to be interesting for you.

When you were woken up the next morning, the sun wasn’t even up. You had groaned, curling yourself into a ball and trying to hit the snooze button on an alarm clock that didn’t exist. The covers were ripped right off of you and a shout of “Up and at ‘em!” was heard. You lazily rolled off of the bed, landing on the floor with a loud thump. You then proceeded to roll under the bed, your feet peeking out from under it. 2 pairs of hands grabbed at your feet and you were pulled out of your bed-cave. Sighing in resignation, you opened your eyes, finding Mina and Sasha standing over you with grins on their faces. “Come on! It’s almost breakfast and we have to get there first so that the food is still hot!” Sasha exclaimed, helping you to your feet. At the mention of food you visibly perked up, nodding and changing into your cadet uniform. You struggled with your harness, but like the saint she is, Krista helped you with them. When your straps were finally adjusted properly, your small group headed towards the mess hall, only to find all of the boys already there, scarfing down their food hungrily.

The five of you each went to get your food, and after a bunch of panicked thoughts of who you were going to sit with, Sasha had grabbed the sleeve of your jacket and pulled you over to the table where Jean, Marco, and Connie were sitting.

You were tense, that was for sure. You felt like you were the new kid in school and had to make a good impression or else you would be ridiculed. You refused to look at anyone, and only looked at your food as you sat down next to Sasha. Oh my god. You couldn’t do this. You were snapped out of your thoughts when one of them asked, “So who’s this?” It was Jean. Your heart beat a mile per minute as you slowly lifted your head up to look at him, ___(e/c)___ orbs connecting with golden ones. At that moment, your mind went  blank, a single thought the only thing running through your head.

‘Oh no. He’s hot.’
So when you finally woke up again [1] you were...still on the dirty ground of the track.

What the fuck. It wasn’t a question. It was a statement.

Realization hit you in the face a few seconds later, though. You weren’t dreaming. This was real. For some godforsaken reason and a sprinkle of fairy magic, you had ended up in the Attack on Titan universe. How? Well, remember that shock of electricity that ran through you a day before? Weird stuff happened after that.

You slowly sat up, and feeling a weight in your pocket, you reached in. You felt your phone and grinned. At least you had something to entertain you with.  You were so glad you had charged it the night before.

Well, you didn’t know what to do now. You figured you should probably go to Shadis and explain you thought you were dreaming and tell him you wanted to join the corp… If he would even accept you after the little show you put on earlier. Then again, you did have the power of reverse psychology. You laughed a bit at the thought and with a nod, you headed over to the administration office.

On your way there, you had thought up a believable backstory. You had been travelling on your own when a couple of bandits attacked you. They had taken all of your food, water, clothing, and for some unexplainable reason, your shoes. You had stumbled your way here on foot and collapsed. When you awoke, you thought you were dreaming because of dehydration. What you last remembered was that you were alone in the woods.

It was good enough, you thought to yourself, giving three sharp knocks on the wooden door.

“State your name and reason.” That voice was obviously Shadis'. A lump formed in your throat and you gulped. There was no backing out now.

“_____(f/n)_____  _____(l/n)_____. I want to explain my actions from earlier today.”

Inside, Shadis raised an eyebrow before giving you permission to come inside. The moment you had stepped inside the office, his mood had darkened, and he glared daggers at you. You coughed awkwardly and explained your “backstory” to him. Seeming to buy it, he simply nodded, telling you to sit down. He handed you a piece of paper and told you to write down your name, age, and town you were from. You settled on Shiganshina as where you were from. It would explain why you had no other relatives here.

“You will participate in normal training with the cadets now. If you aren’t up to their level within three weeks, we’re sending you out to the fields like all the other failed trainees. If you somehow manage to get up to the level of the cadets now, you prove you’re worthy to be in the military.” He stood up abruptly, beckoning you to follow him. With your poker face still intact, you did. He led you into a back room where there were spare cadet uniforms. “Find your sizes and take 5 of each. You get 2 pairs of boots and 1 harness. As for your casual clothes, you’ll have to get one of the female trainees to lend you some. You’re assigned to Cabin 4.” You did as told, trying not to make it obvious that you were nervous as hell. The both of you headed back outside to the main office room after you were done getting all of your uniform clothing.

“Dismissed,” he nodded at you. You nodded back and headed for the door. Before you could leave, he called out after you. “Cadet, if you ever pull any of the bullshit you did today, you can bet you’ll have a punishment much, much worse than running laps.” Eyes widening, you gulped and nodded quickly, heading out the door.

As the door shut behind you, you sighed with relief. God damn was he intimidating.

After that grand encounter, you walked off to find Cabin 4. You found it eventually, thanks to the help of wandering around and reading every sign in sight. Slowly opening the door, you found it empty. You figured everyone must be at dinner. You shrugged, flopping on the one bed that was obviously not claimed. There wasn’t any stuff on, around, or under it, so it was a dead giveaway. You weren’t really hungry, despite all the running you did today, and decided to wait until your cabin-mates came back so you could take a shower.

Lazily leaning back on the wall your bed was pushed up against, you took your phone out of your pocket and put your earphones in your ears. No better way to pass the time, right?
Weird - Part 2 [Jean x Reader]
I'm baaaaaaack!
No Jean in this one either. lmao

Tbh this took a lot longer than I wanted it to, but I was stuck on what to do next since I don't really have a clean cut plot yet. I usually just start writing and see what happens. It's working so far,though...I think.

Aaaaaanyway, enjoy!

[1] - Reader sleeps quite a lot, doesn't she?

Disclaimer: Attack on Titan is owned by Hajime Isayama
Waking up on a cold, dirty, hardwood floor wasn’t the best feeling. In fact, it was disgusting and painful. There was dirt and mud caked onto it, with scuff marks and boot prints printed on the surface. You never remembered having your house be so filthy…. Then again, you didn’t remember having wood flooring either.

Slowly lifting yourself from your position on the floor and sitting up, you looked around. Benches and tables were placed neatly in rows, with a serving area and counter near the back. It looked like a normal cafeteria. There was nothing special about it, besides the fact that it needed to be cleaned...badly.

You dusted yourself off, looking down distastefully at your, now dirty, adorable cupcake print pajamas. “And these were my favorite too,” you mumbled, wrinkling your nose. As you continued to try and get the rest of the dirt off of yourself and your clothes, you noticed your phone laying on the ground. You simply shrugged, picked it up, and slipped it in your pocket. This was probably a dream anyway.

The cafeteria was completely empty, so like the adventurer you are, you decided to go outside. I mean, what was the worst that could happen? You were under the notion that you were in a dream, and so far, nothing bad had happened. Pushing the heavy door open, you stepped outside.

Your cold feet were met with dirt and sand. There was literally nothing. It was a barren wasteland. Okay, that’s exaggerating. There were some cabins, a dirt track, and a huge forest, but other than that, it was just open space. Open space in which you saw a large group of people attacking each other.

What the hell?

Confusion. That was your current emotion.

As you neared the group, you realized they were all wearing the Attack on Titan Trainee Corp uniform. ‘Definitely a dream,’ you nodded to yourself. You hadn’t seen any of the familiar faces of the main characters quite yet. All of the people you were seeing right now were unfamiliar. Just random people you had never seen before.

You finally reached the area, standing there awkwardly as the sun slowly crept higher into the sky. In truth, you had no idea what to say or do. Wow, you were even awkward in your own dreams.

Laughing nervously, you made your way over to someone, poking them. This only caused you to get elbowed in the ribs.

In retrospect, you probably shouldn’t have poked someone who looked like they were taking this seriously. You really should’ve used your common sense and picked someone that was just playing around.

You doubled over in pain, wheezing since the air had gotten knocked right out of you. Suddenly, you heard a loud shout from behind you. “Cadet! Why aren’t you in uniform?! You were supposed to be up three hours ago! Why would a piece of late garbage like you even think you would last a day against the titans?!” It was none other than everyone’s favorite instructor, Commander Shouty McShouts A Lot Shadis. You, being the sassmaster you are, decided you were going to confuse and annoy the hell out of him. This was only a dream, after all.

“Um,” you started, the clear incredulousness in your voice. “I don’t have to fight any titans. I’m the princess, and I decided I wanted to visit because the palace is just so boring.” You said this with your arms crossed over your chest and a bratty tone in your voice.

“I wasn’t aware the king had a daughter,” he snarled. You simply raised an eyebrow, wiped some non-existent spit off of your cheek, turned around and left.

Boy, would you regret that decision.

Shadis followed after you and grabbed you by your shirt collar, steering you toward the dirt track. “Run until you pass out,” he shouted in your face, the pure venom in his voice stinging your ears.


You blinked, a completely blank look on your face. He glared back at you, pointing to the track and repeating with an eerily calm voice. “Run.”

And you did, you ran. You ran until your feet burned and your limbs ached. You ran until you fell to your knees on the ground with exhaustion. [1]

You had tried to wake yourself up from this horrible dream, but no matter how many times you had pinched yourself, you refused to wake up. I mean, you knew you didn’t have to run, but in truth, you just didn’t want to deal with Shadis. He seemed way scarier in person than in the anime.

Groaning as you flopped on the ground and lay in the dirt, you saw a few pairs of boots approach you.

Needless to say, you weren’t in the best mood, and really didn’t want to deal with people any time soon. You curled yourself into a ball and shut your eyes, pretending you had passed out.

“Who is she?”

“Don’t know, heard she gave Shadis some serious attitude a while ago.”

“What’s with her clothes?”

“Don’t ask me.”

Those were just some of the snippets you had heard from their conversation. In time, you had actually managed to zone out of their conversation and drift off to sleep, for real this time.
Weird - Part 1 [Jean x Reader]
Why this? BECAUSE I AM WEABOO TRASH *throws up peace sign*
Haha, no Jean yet because I'm horrible.

Psst. I'm making the minimum age for joining the military 15 because I really don't want to write anything for a bunch of 12 year olds.
This whole fic takes place in the second year of training.

Anywayyyyyyyyy, yeah, here's a new chapter for whoever is reading this, and I hope you guys enjoy. If there are any spelling or grammar errors please tell me because it's been so long since I've actually written something and constructive criticism is always appreciated!

[1] Actually only like 2 hours, but I'm making Reader sort of horribly lazy and out of shape so.....

Disclaimer: I OWN NOTHING.
There was quite a storm brewing outside on this night. Lightning was constantly crashing, followed by the rolls of thunder that always followed it.

Unlike some, you weren't even bothered. All you were doing was sitting in bed, laptop slowly melting your legs away, as you decided to rewatch Attack On Titan. The first episode finally loaded, and you had just gotten to the part where Eren said he was going to join the Scouting Legion when you suddenly felt a jolt run up your body.

You looked to the side, only to see your now sparking laptop charger. Eyes widening, you turned back to your computer screen. It was black, obviously broken. "Why???!!" you groaned to yourself, pushing the laptop off of you. It fell to the floor and you didn't even flinch. It was broken anyway. You sighed in defeat as you boroughed yourself in your covers. How the hell was a 16 year old, with constantly absent parents, I might add, going to get a new computer in time to do anything? All of your work and back up files were on that computer! How were you ever going to explain this to your teachers? You weren't, that's how.

Sighing in resignation, you reached for your phone, shoved earphones in your ears, and closed your eyes. You'd think about everything in the morning. You were far to frustrated with your current situation too think clearly.
Weird - Prologue [Jean x Reader]
Decided to rewrite Transportation because I realized it was trash haha. I'm going to stick with it this time, so I'll try and update every week.

Disclaimer: Attack on Titan is owned by Hajime Isayama and not me.
Haven't had much time to write since school started back up... Either way I'm still trying to think up what to do next with Transportation. No worries, I'm still going to write it, for all 2 of my watchers. ily guys haha


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