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Sorry I haven't updated in a while! I've got school and all that. Also, I'm working on getting some stuff up on my AO3 account, so if you want to check that out then here . I'll be putting my Haikyuu and Kuroko fics up there too at one point, but I won't be leaving dA so don't worry about that! I just haven't been very inspired to write anything anime related recently, but since Haikyu!! season 2 is out I'll probably get back into the swing of things pretty easily. Thanks for staying for my dumb fics! Love you guys! <3
so for anyone who's waiting for the continuation of my jean x reader series, u should know i've completely abandoned that and tbh i don't really like it all that much. yeah im just gonna stick to one shots for now. it's probably gonna be mostly haikyuu!! and knb. maybe some free! if i have any ideas. k peace out homeslices.

also requests are open so if you want anything from me, feel free to ask.
Hinata sighed as he brushed over the numbers on his wrist.


He didn’t feel sad exactly, he just felt empty. He had missed his soul mate, and the fact that he didn’t notice until after the volleyball games had happened was even worse. If he had maybe noticed just a second later, he could’ve possibly ran after them…but he didn’t.

He reached up to touch his face, his fingers coming away wet. He didn’t even know when he had started crying. Laying on his bed in the welcoming darkness of his room, he sighed once more.


It was barely a whisper, but in the silence of the room it felt like he was shouting.


You clutched tightly to the pillow you had, squeezing it as tightly as possible as you sobbed.

Maybe if you had been paying more attention, you would’ve met them. You could have met the one person you were bound to since birth. You should have stopped, or at the very least realized your timer was running down.

Could’ve. Should’ve. Would’ve.

They were all just words. You couldn’t change the past, no matter how much you wanted to.

You buried your head into your pillow, and you screamed.
Shouting [Soulmate AU] [Hinata x Reader]
This is a sequel to my fic Passing Faces, but it can also be read as a stand alone fic.

This was supposed to be happy, but then I started writing and it became angst. Whoops.
I don't know, but this is really short. Just take it. Please.

Obligatory disclaimer:
Haikyuu!! belongs to Haruichi Furudate
You giggle, dragging your two friends with you towards the basketball court. The basketball team wasn’t supposed to have any practice today and, despite the three of you having no physical activity whatsoever, you would always hang out in the gym when the team wasn’t there. It wasn’t like you guys did anything bad, but you would goof around and move things just slightly. And by slightly I mean move something to a completely different spot.

The three of you were very mischievous, and known quite well around the school. No one knew exactly what the three of you did, or who you were, but everyone knew about the mischiefs at Tōō  Academy. Really, the three of you weren’t that imposing, so barely anyone expected the three of you, but oh, how wrong they were.

First, there was Yui. She was the instigator of all your little schemes and would be the one to get the ball rolling. She was the one who’d set everything up according to plan.

Next, you had Aoi, the brains of the operation. If any of you had a plan for a prank, she would be the one to make the plans and gather information so you could pull it off flawlessly without getting caught. She was the reason you were all well known. There have been a ton of pranks happening on teachers and students, ranging from a simple bucket of water over a door to filling an entire locker with confetti, and the three of you have never gotten caught thanks to Aoi’s brilliant planning.

Finally, there was you. You were their distraction master and lookout. Thanks to your personality you were humorous and able to think on your feet, which would always help you find ways to distract while Yui would set up the prank. Without you on the sidelines, the whole operation would fall apart.

All three of you made the perfect team, but that was just a bonus since the three of you got along like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You had all been friends before you became legendary pranksters after all.

“Hey guys, look! They left the basketballs out of the storage room today.” Your friend Yui commented this as the three of you exchanged a look.

“Yui, do we really have time to plan a prank on the basketball team? I mean, I think we should just goof around and have fun today.”
The two of you nodded at Aoi’s statement, looking around the court before sitting down on the floor near the basketballs and leaning against the wall.

“You know, we could play basketball…”

The three of you exchanged a look before busting up laughing. None of you even knew how to play basketball.

Getting an idea, you stood up, taking two basketballs off the rack and stuffing it up your shirt.

You all giggled as you grinned, a joke obviously about to come from you.

“Guys look. Now I have basketboobs.”

All three of you cracked up, and your two other friends joined you as well, shoving basketballs up their shirts.

You all proceeded to have a modelling contest, chest bumping each other whenever you passed each other on your pretend runway.

You were all having a ton of fun until you all heard the gym doors open, causing you all to turn around.

“What the fuck?”

Thwack. Thwack. Thwack thwack thwack thwack.


All of the basketballs fell out of your shirts, and simply on instinct, your friends pushed you towards the basketball player before fleeing from the gym.

“TRAITORS!” you screamed, crossing your arms before you remembered the towering presence of the person in front of you.

Aomine Daiki.

You’ve heard of him, of course,as he was the star of your school’s basketball team. There was no way you didn’t know who he was, but damn, you never knew you could feel so small and intimidated. You refused to let him know that though.

“Looks like your friends abandoned you.”


He looked down at you, not even trying to hide the fact that he was staring directly at your chest.

You blanched, looking up at him with a face that clearly said “Are you serious bro?”.

“You look better with the basketballs shoved up your shirt.”

Smack. Thud thud thud thud thud. SLAM.

You have never exited the gym faster.
Basketboobs [Aomine Daiki x Reader]

If you're confused about the last part, that's you bitch slapping Daiki then leaving the gym lmao

Obligatory disclaimer:
KnB ain't mine. It belongs to Fujimaki Tadatoshi.
Really, he should’ve seen it coming. He was such a dick that it would be obvious that those were the words written on him. With the number of people that he had given random, backhanded insults to, it was amazing that no one had responded with these choice words.

“Fuck you, asshat.” was beautifully written across his forearm. It was blood red, just like everyone else, and had stars drawn around it as a design from the cute, loopy writing. It was kind of ironic how pretty it was, judging on the word choice.


“Watch where you’re going, asshole.”

That unfortunate sentence was scrawled across the right side of your abdomen. The dark red color the only thing beautiful about it, judging that the sentence was written in complete chicken scratch. It was almost impossible to read it, especially since you had had to ask your friend for help when figuring it out. God, your soul mate’s handwriting was complete shit.


Tsukishima Kei. God, everything about him made your blood boil. It’s not that you two had ever spoken to each other, but that was mainly because you avoided him like the plague. He was infuriating to you, not to mention a complete asshole to everyone he met. If you could erase anyone off of the face of the Earth, it would be him.


[F/n] [L/n], what a joke. You were one of the most annoying people in the entire universe. You were always way too loud with your friends, not even including your laugh, which was one of the most obnoxious things he had ever heard. You were one of the constant annoyances in his life, and if he could get rid of you, he would.

Normally, you would have pretty good luck, and the day would go on uneventfully, but today was proving to be the complete opposite of that.

First, you had woken up late, which had caused you to be late for class as well. You were only scolded lightly by your teacher, but it was still embarrassing since it was in front of the entire class.

Next, during P.E., you had managed to trip over your own foot and faceplant into the dirt of the track. You weren't the most graceful of people, but you mostly manage to not fall down and make a fool of yourself every day.

Now, now was the worst part of the day. Who would want to have a stare off with one of the people they absolutely despised? No one, but that was what you were doing right now. You were staring, no, glaring, at none other than Tsukishima Kei.

You had bumped into him, you’d admit that, but that didn’t give him the right to be a total dick about it. Really, you could have just kept walking, but your day hadn’t been the best, so needless to say, you were a little irritated. It wasn’t until after you had replied that both of you had gotten into this stare off. He pissed you off, and you made him angry, so why the fuck were the both of you soul mates?

“Fuck you.”

You growled at him. How dare he, who did he think he was? Well, that’s what you were thinking before a pair of lips had smashed into yours.


Maybe he really was your soul mate.
Glaring [Soulmate!AU] [Tsukishima x Reader]
there's been a lot of tsukki fics lately and idk I had to
i've been writing so many soul mate fics lately and i just cant stop
oh well

is this good? tbh idk about this writing style since it's my first time using it
but idk
tell me what you guys think
so for anyone who's waiting for the continuation of my jean x reader series, u should know i've completely abandoned that and tbh i don't really like it all that much. yeah im just gonna stick to one shots for now. it's probably gonna be mostly haikyuu!! and knb. maybe some free! if i have any ideas. k peace out homeslices.

also requests are open so if you want anything from me, feel free to ask.


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Hi, I'm Cesca and I like to write and draw.

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