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“Koushi~” your [h/c] haired head popped through the open gym door, a cute grin on your features as you walked up to him. “What do you want [f/n]-chan?”

Daichi snickered to himself. He knew what that look on your face meant. You wanted something.

Needless to say, the rest of the volleyball was a bit confused. They had no idea who you were, or what you were doing here. They whispered among themselves, trying to guess how you knew Suga.

...Were you his girlfriend?

“But, Koushi~! I need money!”

Their mouths fell open in shock as they continued to stare at the two of you. You were a gold digger?!

A tense silence followed as you stared at Koushi, turning up your cuteness to maximum power.


Daichi snickered slightly at your crestfallen expression, while everyone else whooped with laughter.

“That’s right Suga-san! Don’t let this gold digger take anymore of your money!”

“Gold digger?” you exclaimed, tilting your head at them and looking back at Suga. “Onii-chan, what are they talking about?”

The gym went dead silent as you and all of the volleyball team had an unnerving stare-off. They were first to break eye contact. You sighed and walked out of the gym, shaking your head.

You never went to visit your brother during practice again.

You stormed into the volleyball gym, clearly angry.

Everything stopped as the team members took in your fuming form. You obviously weren't from Karasuno. Your uniform was different. It was a light blue skirt and a white polo under a slightly loose cream sweatervest. There was also a red ribbon tied around your neck, denoting that you were a first year.

After observing you, they turned to Tsukishima, confusion clear among their faces.

"What is it Chibi-chan?" he droned, the boredom obvious in his voice.

"You totally said you would go to our practice today! Everyone was so excited too! Not to mention that I had to convince everyone that you were real and I wasn't lieing!" You stomped your foot on the ground, hands curled into fist.

Tanaka and Noya were now looking at you, their eyes glittering. "S-She's... SO CUTE!"

They ran up to Tsukishima, berating him on how he could disappoint a cute girl like you.

You sweatdropped, heading over to where the rest of the team was. "Um. Are they always like that?" you asked, a bit confused.

"Yeah...I'm Sugawara Koushi, by the way."

You smiled and told him your own name.

"Practice, though? What kind of practice? Tsukishima never says anything about his life outside of school."

You grin, getting sparkles in your eyes. "I'm part of the 'Light Music Club' and we have a band called 'Afterschool Tea Time'! We sing and write songs and play music, and I was really trying to get Kei to see how much I improved on my guitar! We were actually going to practice instead of drinking tea and eating sweets today!"

Suga sweatdropped, as did the rest of the team listening in on your conversation.

'Are you saying that you don't practice and just have tea time after class? I guess that explains their band name.'

You laugh and rub the back of your head sheepishly, leaving the team to go and get Tsukishima.

"Kei-chan, let's go!"

"Can't you see I'm in the middle of practice? Plus, you just said that you barely practice, you're probably not even that good."

"You take that back right now!" You stomped your foot on the ground for emphasis.

"Why should I?"


The blond boy blushed an unhealthy shade of red, turning away from you to hide it.

You grinned, feeling very pleased with yourself as the other boys looked on in shock. All was silent before loud shouts of confusion filled the gym.

Take it back! [Tsukishima x Reader]
Did you notice the blaringly obvious K-On! reference?
Of course you did.
Anyway I just wanted to write some comedic slice-of-life so yeah.
Looking down at your timer, you rubbed your thumb over the numbers on your wrist. You were so nervous. You have been since yesterday. Not even yesterday, actually. You've been nervous for this whole week.

Actually, nervous didn't even begin to cover what you felt. It was just a flurry of emotions, mixing and mashing and hitting you with a barrage of mood swings every second.


That was what was on your timer at this very moment. Thirty-four minutes and sixteen, no fifteen, no fourteen- Agh! Thirty-four minutes until you would meet your soul mate.

You wondered if-

"(Nickname)-chan! Hey!"

You were jolted out of your thoughts as one of your friends, Aoi, called out to you.

"Come on! We're gonna be late for our own school's game!"

You nodded, waving a hand as a sign for her to go first.

"Yeah, you go on! I'm just gonna get myself some snacks first."

"Get me some gummy worms, would ya?" She grinned, looking behind her and giving you a thumbs up before running off to another one of Date Tech High's games.

Really, you didn't know much about volleyball, but Aoi's older brother was on the Date Tech High team, and she had made it her mission to support him every step of the way...and drag you along to every match.

Shaking your head, you continued on your quest for snacks, picking out some Pocky, potato chips, and Aoi's gummy worms.

You hadn't even noticed that your timer had already run way down by the time you were making it back through the crowded halls.


It looked like one of the matches had just ended, as a whole volleyball team was making their way to the hall you had just been in. You were able to go around them, albeit accidentally knocking shoulders with an orange haired boy. You felt a small shock run through you, but dismissed it as static electricity. Looking behind you at calling out an apology, you continued to run towards the other court. You definitely didn't want to be late for your school's game.

After climbing at least five flights of stairs, you finally arrived at your seats, where Aoi was looking at you with a grin almost like the Cheshire Cat.

"So, did a special someone hold you up? Because you missed the first ten minutes of the game."

You were now completely confused, and looked up at her with a questioning expression.


Her smile fell as she shakily pointed to your timer.


Your eyes widened in shock before you started shaking, dropping everything you were holding.

"Y-You mean I- I missed them?"

Tears were welling up in your eyes as your knees gave out from underneath you, causing you to collapse on the floor. A sob tore through you, the cry almost sounding as if someone had ripped your soul right from your body. Aoi quickly sank to the floor with you, hugging your body against her as you cried your eyes out.

It was a heart wrenching realization to you, that now your soul mate was just another passing face in a crowd full of people.
The world he lived in was one where your soul mate's first words to you were written on your body.

He didn't have any words written anywhere.

He had thought nothing of it at first, but when he told his parents and they broke down crying, he realized something. It meant he didn't have a soul mate. Really, he didn't think the realization would hurt as much as it did.


"Class, attention please! We have a new student with us. Her name is (l/n) (f/n)."

He tilted his head up to look at you, only to see your cute smiling face. You did nothing except wave to the class before the teacher pointed to the empty seat next to Hinata and told you that it would be your seat for the rest of the year. You only nodded, making your way over to your seat. As you passed, he saw a few tiny words written across your index finger.

Oi, watch it.

He scoffed at that. Sounded like whoever your soul mate was was pretty rude. He looked over at you, who was grinning as Hinata excitedly explained volleyball to you. You had no idea how much of a handful Hinata could be, did you?


Class had ended and he was on his way to volleyball practice. He opened the door to the gym, only to have someone run straight into his chest. "Oi, watch it," he grunted, looking to down to see whoever it had run into him.

It was you, eyes glittering.

"What?" he asked, raising an eyebrow in confusion. You only held up your finger, showing him the exact words he had just said written across it. He felt his heart drop to his stomach. How ironic. He was sure it wasn't possible, though. He didn't have any words written on him.

"It's not me. I don't have anything written on me."

You only grabbed his hand, leading him over to where Hinata was. Seemed you two were already best friends despite only knowing each other for a day. You tapped Hinata’s shoulder, a big smile on your face.

"Hm?" Hinata asked, only to see you gesture excitedly to Kageyama.

"What?" he asked, a look of confusion spreading across his features as he looked at Kageyama.

"She's under the impression that I'm her soul mate." Kageyama clarified, coughing awkwardly after. You nodded vigorously before he continued. "I don't have any words written on me, though."

Hinata lit up, a laugh escaping him. "Weren't you listening during homeroom, Kageyama-san?"

A look of confusion crossed his face before he shook his head.

"(l/n)-san can't speak. When she was born her vocal chords were all messed up."

You nodded once again, your smile never leaving your face.

His eyes widened as he looked at you, obviously shocked. You only linked your fingers with his, a grin on your face.

The moment, however, was ruined with Hinata pouting and yelling, "No fair! Kageyama-san your soul mate is too cute! She doesn't suit you at all!

Kageyama blushed a dark red, shouting back at him.

"Shut up, dumbass Hinata!"
Everything was awkward. Every. Single. Thing.

First, breakfast happened. Instead of talking, you froze up, managed to trip over the bench when getting up, face planted, then ran out the door. It was horribly and embarrassing, and kind of alarming how clumsy you were. You were in the military, it could get you killed.

Next, you started your 3DMG balance test. A bunch of cadets were there to watch, of course. You had heard Shadis say something about "whipping her into shape" and "seeing how she does under pressure". You didn't do well with crowds. At all. The first 10 seconds of balance were fine, but then you felt yourself tipping backwards. In an attempt to not have the back of your head hit the ground, you raised your arms backward, and ended up in the bridges position. Your back was not supposed to bend that far, and you swore you heard a few cracks and pops when it happened. You were fine, uninjured (more or less), but the problem was that you couldn't get up. You were stuck awkwardly, and painfully, bent backwards. There was no way you were going to return to your upright position without help, so you had to sheepishly ask for someone to lower you down to the ground so you could go back to being upright. The whole situation was just torture for you and your poorly developed social skills.

Then, for the last horrifying thing of the day, there was combat training. You had no idea how to fight. You could dodge, sure, but that didn't help much at all. The worst part was that you were paired up with Armin. The so called "weakling of the 104th" and he was kicking. Your. Ass. I mean, let's face it, you were the least athletic person you knew. If you were attacked by anyone on the street, you would on one of two things:

1.) Kick them in the balls

2.) Punch them in the boob

Neither of those were good ideas in your situation. The match ended up with you laying flat on your back on the ground and telling Armin you had given up.

Because of your complete incompetence today, you had been assigned to cleaning the mess hall. Alone.

Unfortunately for Shadis, this wasn't as horrible as he thought it would be for you. It's not that you liked cleaning, quite the opposite actually, but you had developed a technique to deal with any chore you didn't like to do. You would do whatever it was to the beat of music, and if you felt like it, dance in between. So, that's what you did. Unfortunately, you didn't have your phone to listen to any music, so you ended up singing softly instead. You definitely didn't want anyone to hear you, you had embarrassed yourself enough for one day.

Die Young by Ke$ha was what you were currently singing, and you were have so much fun. It was just a fun song in general, and the fact that you knew you were almost done was a big factor towards your happiness. True the song was a bit insensitive because YOU WERE IN ATTACK ON TITAN ALMOST EVERYONE DIES YOUNG, but you weren't really thinking about that. Anyway, you were on one if your so called "dance breaks". It really wasn't dancing, it was actually just you jumping and shaking your head until your hair was messy. Either way, you had almost forgotten about where you were, that is, until the door slammed open and a bunch of people tumbled into the the room.

You stopped immediately, eyes widening as you saw the mass of tangled bodies on the floor. "WERE YOU LISTENING TO ME SING?!!" You shrieked, face going a dark red.

Sasha had miraculously untangled herself from the pile on the floor and was now standing beside you. She laughed, and slapped your shoulder good-naturedly. "Yep. Some of those songs you were singing were kind of inappropriate though, don't you think?" She wiggled her eyebrows at you, grin never leaving her face. You only groaned, slapping a hand on your forehead and stepping over the people who were still trying to disentangle themselves from each other. In said pile was Connie, Mina, Hannah, Franz, Millius, and Thomas. Leave it to Sasha to gather a group of people to come with her to spy on you.

You rolled your eyes and started walking off towards to your bunk, looking up at the clouds as you did. Unfortunately for you, you had forgotten to look where you were going and walked straight into the stable door. With a curse and a growl, you took a step back from the door, glaring at it.

"It was your fault, you know." You heard a voice drawl from behind you. Slowly turning around to face them, you were once again facing Jean Kirschstein.

"Thanks for pointing that out." You snapped back sarcastically.

"I just figured you needed to know. You're really stupid to join the military in the middle of the year."

What. A. Jerk. You really didn't want to deal with this hot boy's attitude right now. Wait. What? This crush was getting out of hand. You had been here for two days, and you were already insult-complimenting him.

Sighing, you rubbed your temples, before looking back up to meet his gaze. "Look, I know, but I really don't have anywhere to go. No family, money or home. At least in the military I have a chance to make a difference."

It's true that you didn't have anywhere to go, but you really just needed an excuse as to why you were here. Truly, you should be finding a way to get home instead of making friends in the trainee squad, but hey, who would really be thinking straight in a situation like this.

He only hummed in response to that, leaning back on the wall behind him. You nodded once, turning around to leave him to his thoughts. With one more glance behind you, you continued on your way back to your cabin. Maybe you would be less of an awkward turtle tomorrow.
Weird - Part 4 [Jean x Reader]
Anyway, here's a new update, hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year!

Blah blah I don't own SNK blah blah
Haven't had much time to write since school started back up... Either way I'm still trying to think up what to do next with Transportation. No worries, I'm still going to write it, for all 2 of my watchers. ily guys haha


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